Slips, Trips And Falls

Fall prevention is an important topic that should be a priority to all businesses and companies. Unfortunately, only a portion of fall prevention is addressed by some companies. Many people tend to think fall prevention only has to do with safety on ladders or other high places, but these people don’t know that most falls happen at ground level.

Slips, trips and falls cause thousands of injuries every year. These falls are the result of the physical condition of the area and can be caused by inclement weather, poor lighting, obstructions, or slippery surfaces. A company can often be held liable for any injuries that result from these factors.

Due to the fact that a company can be held financially responsible for any injuries that occur on the premises, it’s important to make sure you’re covered. If you own your own business or company, be sure to make your property as safe as possible. Remove or reduce all fall hazards, and complete safety inspections on a regular basis. Taking these preventative measures can help keep your employees and customers safe and injury-free.

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The Cost Of Assisted Living Services Across America

For many seniors, there comes a time when they may need help with some of the daily aspects of their lives. However, not everyone has the same needs as everyone else. Some seniors may require constant medical attention, while others may only need to have someone nearby in case of an emergency. Some may require assistance with almost all of their day to day tasks, while others may only need a helping hand every once in a while.

That’s why there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to assisted living. There are different types of homes and communities
that provide different levels of assistance. So when it comes to deciding what kind of care your loved on needs, it’s important to be informed about your options.

This infographic breaks down a few different types of assisted living, and also takes a look at some of the other key data about assisted living in America.

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Linkedin Offers Glimpse At How It Prioritizes Need-to-know Content

With more than 300 million members worldwide and counting (not to mention a goal to attract virtually every professional on the planet), that is no easy task, to say the least. The Mountain View, Calif.-based company’s engineering team offered a glimpse at …
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Shelburne’s Holson Welcomed As Director Of Marketing For Twincraft

Twincraft Skincare Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Susan Holson as its new Director of Marketing. Holson brings a broad array of product and service marketing successes to the company. Holson moved to Shelburne with her young family in 1993.
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Twitter Account Reveals Germany Vs Argentina Result Before Match? Not Really

The World Cup 2014 is over with Germanywinning its fourth World Cup title after a gap of 24 years, beating Argentina 1-0 in the second half of extra time thanks to a stunning goal by Mario Goetze.And while the Germans were celebrating their World Cup win …
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Millennials And News, Fact-checked

In the last year, major events have shined the spotlight on the increasingly unpredictable world of news and media. Millennials are growing up and getting used to a world where news is as likely to reach them via Twitter as it is from a news network, incorrect reporting and retractions are the norm in post-crisis media, and everything moves so quickly that major news organizations are trying to keep up with blogs to get to a story first. These days The Daily Show counts as a legitimate news source, and Buzzfeed and CNN recently teamed up to create a news video channel for young adults. It’s the new wild west of news media. In the face of this chaotic news environment, we asked a series of questions to Millennials 14-30-years-old to get a snapshot of their attitudes towards news, where they’re getting it, how confident they are in it,  and how they wish they could be informed. The results are below in the second of our infographic series!

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The Secret To Being Happier: Quitting Facebook For 99 Days?

A campaign called “99 Days of Freedom” is daring Facebook users to take a summer detox from the addictive social network. However, not everyone has what it takes to go three months without logging on to check their newsfeed for friends’ selfies …
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Language On The Internet-which Social Network Has The Worst Spellers

It’s no surprise that technology has been a driving factor in how we communicate. 140 character limits, the need to be succinct and other prevailing memes have transformed the ways we talk to each other online.

It’s not rare to hear celebrated literary experts lament the demise of the second-most widely spoken language in the world, but seldom to we ever witness any evidence of such change beyond the anecdotal.

Accordingly, we have taken it upon ourselves to conduct our own research into how social media is helping drive evolution in the English language.

Twitter users are the least literate of the internet users we looked at, with 0.56% of words on the network being either misspelled or otherwise unofficial, perhaps due to its stricter character limit.

Twitter                 0.56% or 1 in 179

Google+              0.42% or 1 in 238

Facebook            0.31% or 1 in 323

Forums                0.18% or 1 in 556

Americans tend to deviate slightly more than those based in the UK, with the Brits at 0.53% and the USA at the global average of 0.56%.

Interestingly, tweeters have been getting increasingly literate over the past few years, getting 0.01% more literate each year since 2011 – is this a result of increased adoption of auto-correcting devices perchance?

Females are more likely to deviate too, using unofficial language every 169 words, whereas males do it once every 192. The fairer gender are also responsible for elongating words like arghhh, awwww, soooo and ahhh much more than males, who instead prefer to shorten them to things like gonna, wanna and kinda.

The most common form of ‘error’ is the exclusion of apostrophes, resulting in words like im, wont, cant, theres, hes, womens and parents.

The second most frequent deviation was the usage of acronyms, the widest used of which was LOL, followed by WTF, LMAO, YOLO, OMG and FFS.

In terms of the actual words that are misspelled, here are the favourites:

  • definitely
  • separate
  • embarrass
  • achieve
  • surprise
  • weird
  • government
  • argument

We found out plenty of other interesting things, which we’ll write about more soon, and you can discover others in this infographic, put together by our friends at mycleveragency.


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